Getting Here

For friends and family intrigued by Breg House and Slovenia – here’s my tips on how to get here.

Breg is situated in the Koroška (Carinthia) region, in North Slovenia, close to the Austrian border. Due to its rural location, a car is needed to reach it. Cars can be rented at all airports.

Nearest Airports to Breg House

Klagenfurt (Austria) – 1h drive
Klagenfurt is the closest airport to Breg and is an easy drive on the Austrian motorway, taking just under an hour to get to the house. Easyjet run direct winter flights from London Gatwick to Klagenfurt.

Graz (Austria) – 1h30m drive
Graz, Austria’s second city, is the second closest airport to Breg. It’s an easy drive on the Austrian motorway to the house.

Maribor (Slovenia) – 1h30m drive
For a couple of years, Ryanair ran a service from London to Maribor, however that route was cut and currently, Maribor airport doesn’t seem to be running any commercial flights at all.

Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 2h drive
The drive from Ljubljana airport to Breg is by far my favourite route. It’s a beautiful journey up and over the mountains, passing stunning scenery along the way, and all on small roads with not a single motorway. This is the perfect introduction to Slovenia – as long as you’re happy with mountain roads. Easyjet fly from London Stansted to Ljubljana, as well as London Gatwick to Ljubljana, and Wizz Air fly from London Luton to Ljubljana.

Scenery from the Jezersko pass – en route from Ljubljana to Breg House

Zagreb (Croatia) – 3h drive
This is a nice drive – a mix of picturesque road through the Drava valley, and a stretch of fairly quiet motorway. I prefer this drive to the Vienna one, and in addition, the new Zagreb airport is easy to navigate and pass through. Sitx cars is my preferred rental provider here.

Trieste (Italy) – 3h drive
A beautiful port city just over the border into Italy, Ryanair fly to Trieste from London Stansted.

Salzburg (Austria) – 3h drive
Salzburg is well served from UK airports during the winter as it’s a popular ski base. You can get direct flights from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds and more.

Venice (Italy) – 3h drive
Many UK airports fly direct to Venice so this is an airport I frequently use in con-junction with Go-Opti to get to Ljubljana.

Vienna (Austria) – 3 hours 30 minutes drive
Motorway all the way, so an easy drive, although not as scenic as some of the others. Although a modern airport, I have found there’s always long queues for the car hire desks here, so I prefer to fly to alternative airports most of the time. There are direct flights from numerous UK cities to Vienna including: Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Bristol and Belfast.

The best place to find cheap flights is

Airport Transfers
There’s an excellent airport transfer service that links almost all the airports in the region to Ljubljana. It’s called Go-Opti – a minibus service that is faster, more flexible and more reliable than a bus, yet way cheaper than a taxi. They have an excellent service, simple to book website and app, and are well priced. I frequently use them and would highly recommend them.

Go-opti mini-bus route network – a great way of getting from airports in the region to Ljubljana


If you don’t like flying, or prefer a more romantic, scenic and green way to travel, it’s possible to travel to Ljubljana by train (but you will need to hire a car to get from Ljubljana to Breg House).

For information about travelling from the UK to Slovenia by train visit

Notes on Driving in Slovenia

Vignettes (paid passes) are required to drive on the motorways in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Rental cars come with a vignette for their own country, but not normally any others. Be sure to purchase one before getting on the motorway – you can buy them at any petrol station.

NOTE: the house is located up a single lane, unpaved road, which is a 10 minute drive from the town of Mežica. If you’re not a fan of hair-pin turns, steep inclines, and steep drop-offs – you might think twice about visiting Breg House. If you’re happy with a truly ‘off the beaten path’ drive – then you’ll love it.