A Snug is Born: Breg House’s newest room

Breg House has always been an ever evolving project. There has always been a vision – to restore and ‘cosify’ the 300-year old structure – but exactly how that is being done is an ever changing thing.

The most recent addition – which was also never part of the early vision – is ‘The Snug’. Previously, we thought it would be little more than a storage area, but during the work on other parts of the house, this storage zone showed us it could be more than just a place for tools and bits of wood to gather dust.


And so it became The Snug. A room in its own right, with a custom built day-bed, books, and all the old, dirty, dusty floorboards sanded smooth and sealed with laquer. An armchair, rug and lamp to finish it off, and it’s now one of my favourite rooms.


It’s not quite finished yet but it’s functional and the perfect place for morning coffee or reading a book.


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